Wednesday, November 3, 2010

It's been a long time

So, it's been a long while-- since I have updated this lil blog!!
Don't think I haven't been busy though-- life has gotten pretty crazy!

Alexis started Kindergarten, lost her first tooth and played her first season of soccer!
Jaxen has gone from Buzz Lightyear to Bumblebee and now to Superman.  He is everchanging-- and it is hard for me to keep up with him!

Kyle has gone back to his former company, and will continue his company on the side-- he didn't want to at first, but they gave him an offer he couldn't refuse.  We are glad to be back under company insurance ;)

I can't believe we are 1/3 of the way thru Alexis' first year of school and winter is almost here.  Don't get me wrong, I am excited--but it amazes me how fast time flies. 

She is doing great in school, loves it--and wants to go every single day.  She has gotten a yellow light once, the whole year-for kicking a boy who took her spot.  I had to laugh, b/c he probably deserved it- (no, I didn't laugh in front of her, and I did give her a good talking to-- but, still)

Of course, she lost her tooth just days before her first official school pictures--on a Sunday night.  Luckily, her school pictures turned out beautifully!!  The tooth had been wiggly for days and days--and she was doing her best to eat as many apples as she could to get it out of there.  Finally, it just came out--no tears or anything.  The tooth fairy left her a card and $2. 

The next day at school- she was told by a kid that there was no tooth fairy, and a tooth fairy wouldn't leave her a card!  (I am guessing this is the kid she kicked ;) )

Since, then she decided it was a good idea to cut all of her hair off--and go for a short Kit Kittredge haircut.  She loves it--and I love it--since there are no more tears at brushing it.

Both kids have grown out of their clothes--and I feel like I could fill up a salvation army store w/ the stuff they've grown out of just this year!

For more school news-- Alexis took a throat drop to school w/ her--the non-mentholated- halls breezers ones.  More like candy than medicine.  She thought it would be nice to share--so she did.  I got a call from the school nurse later on, saying any kind of throat drop, even if there  is no medicine in it-is not allowed in the school.   Oops-- who'd have thought my kid would be the Kindergarten drug dealer. 

Jaxen and I are enjoying our time together--and are trying to get out while the weather is still nice.  We've gone to the zoo, met daddy for lunch--and run errands. I am pretty sure the post office knows him by name!

He is also helping me take care of the new puppy, Felicity.  We thought Riley needed a furry friend--and Jaxen loves having 2 puppies to play with. 

OF course, ever since October both kids have begun picking things out of catalogs and commercials to add to their Christmas list.  But, this year I thought it would be a good idea to have them narrow their list down to 3 things.  We shall see how this goes!

Me?  I am staying super busy with the Scrapbooking Blog and the Pink by Design Stamps.  I now have 16 stamp sets out--and that are being sold at my online store and at a few brick and mortar stores and  Our dining room is slowly becoming my crafting area-- since we are going to be doing some remodeling downstairs after the water we got in the basement this summer!

Phew-- I know I missed a lot of fun stories---but, I just wanted to give you a quick "catch-up"