Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Do you ever find yourself balancing between young and old--not sure where you are going to fall--but, just hoping you land there gracefully. I find myself teetering on this very edge quite often--knowing I should not be shopping in the juniors section, but still proud that I can fit into the clothes in the junior section.

I am not saying I buy sweats with, "juicy" written on my behind--or too-tight shirts that say, "for a good time..." Because, let's face it--I have had my good time--at least 2 times :).But, I can save money shopping in the teeny-bopper section, and I love to save money almost as much as I do spending it!

However, I have noticed as of late, that my shorts, skirts and dresses are getting longer, they are not looking like the "mom-shorts' yet--but, how long do I have before they do? I admit I get a little nervous as I sit at the park watching my kids play and noticing all the other mothers in "mom-clothes." I am wearing a cute sundress and sandals--while everyone else seems to be wearing baggy t-shirts and capris with some old tennies. Am I the crazy one? Or, am I 2 childhood events away from being them?

I am fighting the mom-look, but I know it's a losing battle- so I will fight with my head held high by working out more and letting my hair grow long for probably the last time-- and I will surrender to a few small battles--taking a spin around the (gasp) women's section, and I will pull out a couple of t-shirts that have been retired to my, "pajama pile."

This mom---somewhere in-between mom-jeans and "juicy" pants!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Brotherly Love

Alexis loves her baby brother. She may not show it all of the time, but she has a deep love for him that never wavers. She tries to look out for him, she plays endlessly with him, she lets him pretend-rescue her, and she shares with him. What I love most about her relationship with him, is that she is always thinking of him. When we leave to go somewhere, she thinks to pack her little-bitty purse with a pull up and a couple of wipes and a buzz lightyear, "just-in-case." :)

Although, she can become frustrated with him--when he mimics her words or actions, or doesn't give her the center stage like she wants--she always seems to remember her love for him, when he falls fast asleep.

When he is asleep, is when she likes to snuggle with him, hold his hand, put her arm around him and kiss his forehead. I am not certain she is not trying to wake him up, so she can play with him--only to be annoyed with him within minutes--but, for now I will assume the best.

About a week ago, Jaxen was snoozing away, when Alexis decided to whisper to me, "one day I am going to marry Jaxen, because I love him so much." I tried to explain that I am glad she loves him, but she cannot marry her brother--that's the rule. ;). Well, she did not like this at all--it seemed as if her heart literally broke. With a sad face, she sat beside her sleeping brother, when I heard her whisper, "I am sorry Jaxen, mommy says I can't marry you--but, you will always be the one I love."

As I watched this miniature drama unfold, I thought about her limited understanding on society, and her unlimited love for her baby brother. If we as a society could show as much love as a child shows--would we be a better place, or would we all be married to our siblings?

Saturday, June 20, 2009


My dear Alexis loves to talk to God. She talks to him like she is talking to a parent or a friend. I think this is wonderful, because it is how I want her to pray. I have never really taught her a memorized prayer to say at bedtime or at meals. I encourage her to use her own words to thank, ask for blessing, or express concern to God. I think this is because I am a firm believer in saying what you mean, and not saying just because it is expected of you.

There is one little problem, if you could call it that, with these from the heart prayers--My daughter LOVES to talk and hear herself talk. So, her bedtime and meal prayers can sometimes get pretty lengthy. I enjoy every moment of them mostly--unless I have let myself feel rushed from the day to day stresses in life. I almost always smile, or hide a chuckle at some of the things she prays--and I almost always peek at her little brother, while she is praying. (I know God will forgive me for this, because he knows moms need an eye on their children at all times.)

Jaxen, the sweet brother, tries very hard to participate willingly during Alexis' talks with God. He squeezes his eyes shut as tight as he can, he haphazardly folds his hands together, and he balances his butt on his folded up legs. He does not usually have a lot of things to say at prayer time--and when he gets impatient--he sneaks food when he thinks noone is looking.

It was one evening, at dinnertime, when Jaxen was trying his best to get through a lengthy prayer, while his dinner was staring him in the face. He listened for Alexis' words to slow, and come to a halt--but, there were only short pauses in her prayer. Jaxen not wanting to eat before the prayer had ended, listened for those pauses--and at each pause, he quickly butted in with an eager, "Amen."

He had learned that a simple word, was the key that unlocked the feeding frenzy. Alexis being annoyed by his impatience prayed louder and longer--and Jaxen never missing a beat continued to say, "Amen," at every hesitation in her words.

This time mommy could not hide a chuckle, but began to laugh out loud--because it was FUNNY--and I know God loves to hear us laugh! My beautiful gift from God, my 2 children, were doing exactly as I wanted them to do---Alexis was praying in her own words, and Jaxen was being respectful and as patient as he possibly could be---or as anyone possibly could be!

Friday, June 19, 2009

High-Tech Marriage

A fellow blogger reminded me of this story--It has been told several times over the past 4 years....but it's one of those stories that gets better with time, much like wine-(after 2 kids, anything can remind you of wine)

Anyway, right after my daughter was born- my husband's family called to check in--and I took the call, on my husband's "fancy" palm phone. If you know my husband, you know he LOVES gadgets--the newer and more technologically advanced, the better! I handed the brand new baby to the huz and took the phone and the free moment to go pee.

I am talking and peeing-(rude to some, but to mothers it's a must, because there just isn't enough time). And, as I turn around to flush, the 'slicker than slick' phone slipped out of my hand and plopped into the potty! I saw it fall in slow-motion and I froze. I couldn't flush--all I could do was just stare at this high-tech phone floating in my very own urine. I was not about to fish it out without gloves--afterall, I had to hold a baby in a few short minutes.

So, I frantically looked around, to see what I could use to fish the phone out--when I heard a voice--"Hello? Hello?" coming from the toilet~ the phone was still WORKING?!?!?! I guess it was high tech, indeed. I fished it out, with a toilet brush and rinsed it off lightly with tap water- I then held it far away from my face, and finished up the conversation. As I hung up, I realized the screen was pitch black and could only mean one thing--I for sure broke it...

What was I going to do? I decided I would have to tell my husband that I dropped his practically new and practically worshipped, phone in the potty at some point--but not now. I threw it on the bed, and went about the night.

Later on I heard the huz asking for the phone, and without thinking, I told him it was on the bed--He found it, and said..."hmmm...it seems like it's a little wet." I chickened out--and said..."hmmm.." I just wanted to go to sleep, and take care of everything in the morning.

Then he starts investigating it a little bit closer, and thinks there is water behind the screen--and decides to be Mr. Fix-it, even though I am encouraging him to just go to bed.(moral of the story for you men out there: listen to your wives)

As I pull my pajama top over my head, I look up to see my husband with his mouth over the end of the phone--trying to suck the liquid (you know what that liquid is!) out of the phone. Now, what person would think this was a good way to fix the phone, I have no idea--because it would have never crossed my mind. I panic--because, if I couldn't tell him before that I dropped it in the toilet, I sure as heck couldn't tell him now--because he is SUCKING my PEE out of his expensive PHONE!!!

I beg him to stop, and put it aside--and tell him it may dry overnight. When the next morning comes, I decide he has to know--because it is driving him crazy-- So, I find the perfect time to tell him--while I am nursing his precious, little, baby girl. :) I calmly tell him, not sure what his response is going to be--because this is our first "honey, I messed up big time," incident. He stares at me intently listening to what I have to say--and then he looks puzzled. It is quiet for a minute, and all you can hear is the baby sucking--which must remind my husband of something very familiar--and he says what I have been dreading him to say--

"You mean, I sucked your pee out of my phone?!" I timidly affirm his suspicions--and he does not yell, he does not even make an angry face at me--he half-smiles and tries his best to see the humor in the situation- and that's when I realize--

I have chosen the right man to raise my kids with--and if we can get through a little phone pee, we can get through anything.

I have friends to this day, that swear that if it had been them, they would have filed for divorce--or at least puked--Thank goodness I have a man with a strong stomach and an even stronger heart....

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Boys will be Buzz

Boys are different--it's true. I can handle girl things, and even the boyish things girls can get into--* bugs, a little dirt, sports But, what I was not at all prepared for was such a BOY!

My son challenges me in the best ways though--He loves superheroes, wrestling, climbing, AND stunning people (buzz lightyear style) I say stun because we don't allow the words shoot, kill, gun, and so forth. Stunning consists of him crouching down, putting his right arm straight out with a fist, and holding it up with his left arm, aiming at the soon-to-be-stunned. He stuns everyone, especially if he is not particularly happy with what you are doing...His family knows what he is doing, and will even stun him back or pretend to be stunned. It's the strangers he stuns that may get me into a bind one day. Stunning other people's kids in shopping carts in target isn't doing much for my, "good-mommy look." Luckily, most people have no idea what he is doing--and I am hoping that they are assuming the best when they see him make these curious movements and sometimes sounds.

As we rode our bikes today, I wonder what the drivers passing by were thinking as my son stunned each car--Were they thinking, "aw...what a cute lil guy..." or were they thinking, "my word, look at what that mother is teaching her son!" In any case, I didn't care for much longer than 2 seconds--I was just grateful my son was not jumping into traffic-frogger style, throwing rocks and sand in the pool, pinching his sister, climbing up something-anything he can find and jumping off, or running around naked. I could breathe a sigh of relief.....because he was just stunning strangers---

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

10 reasons I am/look CrAzY (and why it's okay)

1. My son has found it necessary to take 3 pacifiers with him wherever he goes--one in his mouth, one in each hand. (training him for college ;))

2. My son also thinks its necessary to wear a life jacket, while mommy runs errands. (practicing safety first)

3. My daughter loves to wear 20 barrettes of different sorts, clamping her hair in different directions, or just clamping on objects to her hair (short pieces of ribbon, dead dandelions, etc) (creativity)

4. My daughter introduces her parents to everyone she sees as soon as she sees them... "hi, my name is Alexis, this is my mom, Sarah and this is my dad, Kyle. (making friends/communication)

5. My daughter told a group of strangers that her mom likes to put leaves in her panties.... ?? (imagination)

6. Both children frequently put their shoes on the wrong feet, and I don't stop them. (independence)

7. I refuse to give up my cute shoes, even though I could easily break my neck once a day chasing after my son. (because they are cute)

8. I push my sunglasses on my head, and let it be my summer hairdo. (one less thing to do)

9. I wear sundresses frequently, even though both kids or the wind will manage to put me in a blush-worthy predicament. (I always catch it just in time)

10. I have my hands full of kids--and more babies always sound like a lovely idea-- (I have enough sanity remaining, to reason myself out of this one for now.)

Monday, June 8, 2009

Treat Yourself as you Treat your Children

I am not one to take precautionary steps for my health, or well-being. I rarely wear sunscreen, and if I do I only spray it on my shoulders--and I rarely look at the ingredients on things I choose to eat or drink (wine and lattes are healthy, right?). I stay up late, skip doctors appointments, and drive fast when I am alone. I live life thinking that I am indestructible, that I can handle anything that life throws my way, without any help....afterall, I am a MOM.

This theory of mine was severely tested 2 days ago, after taking the kids to the park and splashpad. They played, and I tried to read a little. But, who really reads at the park, while trying to keep one eye on one kid and the other eye on the other kid---? The gnats were horrible, and driving me crazy--so I convinced A & J to run to the nearest store to buy some insect repellent. I bought the "Family" bottle, meaning family friendly, not family-sized. We headed back to the park, and the kids ran to play and mommy sprayed herself with the insect-repellent. I did not spray the kids for 2 reasons: a: they are running too fast for the gnats to bother them b: who knows what's in this stuff anyway? The spray did little to keep the gnats away--so we left soon after.

The day goes on: we play, we eat, we bathe, we read...and we go to bed. About 1:00 am I started itching uncontrollably....and everywhere! I itched between my toes all the way up to my chin. I got so tired of scratching, I decided to get up, licked my lips, which felt really dry only to think..."that felt funny." I got to the bathroom, looked in the mirror to see lips Angelina Jolie would be envious of. I knew immediately, that it was the insect repellant. Hives, more itching, swelling of my hands, and 1 box of Benadryl later, I think I got it out of my system---swearing to NEVER allow any similar chemical to touch my kids... Had I just taken care of myself, the way I take care of them...there would have been no problem.

It was only after this "episode" that I realized I am not indestructible...I do need to take care of myself the way I take care of my kids...so that I can be there for them. All you moms need to remember how important we are in the equation of our children!