Friday, June 19, 2009

High-Tech Marriage

A fellow blogger reminded me of this story--It has been told several times over the past 4 years....but it's one of those stories that gets better with time, much like wine-(after 2 kids, anything can remind you of wine)

Anyway, right after my daughter was born- my husband's family called to check in--and I took the call, on my husband's "fancy" palm phone. If you know my husband, you know he LOVES gadgets--the newer and more technologically advanced, the better! I handed the brand new baby to the huz and took the phone and the free moment to go pee.

I am talking and peeing-(rude to some, but to mothers it's a must, because there just isn't enough time). And, as I turn around to flush, the 'slicker than slick' phone slipped out of my hand and plopped into the potty! I saw it fall in slow-motion and I froze. I couldn't flush--all I could do was just stare at this high-tech phone floating in my very own urine. I was not about to fish it out without gloves--afterall, I had to hold a baby in a few short minutes.

So, I frantically looked around, to see what I could use to fish the phone out--when I heard a voice--"Hello? Hello?" coming from the toilet~ the phone was still WORKING?!?!?! I guess it was high tech, indeed. I fished it out, with a toilet brush and rinsed it off lightly with tap water- I then held it far away from my face, and finished up the conversation. As I hung up, I realized the screen was pitch black and could only mean one thing--I for sure broke it...

What was I going to do? I decided I would have to tell my husband that I dropped his practically new and practically worshipped, phone in the potty at some point--but not now. I threw it on the bed, and went about the night.

Later on I heard the huz asking for the phone, and without thinking, I told him it was on the bed--He found it, and said..." seems like it's a little wet." I chickened out--and said..."hmmm.." I just wanted to go to sleep, and take care of everything in the morning.

Then he starts investigating it a little bit closer, and thinks there is water behind the screen--and decides to be Mr. Fix-it, even though I am encouraging him to just go to bed.(moral of the story for you men out there: listen to your wives)

As I pull my pajama top over my head, I look up to see my husband with his mouth over the end of the phone--trying to suck the liquid (you know what that liquid is!) out of the phone. Now, what person would think this was a good way to fix the phone, I have no idea--because it would have never crossed my mind. I panic--because, if I couldn't tell him before that I dropped it in the toilet, I sure as heck couldn't tell him now--because he is SUCKING my PEE out of his expensive PHONE!!!

I beg him to stop, and put it aside--and tell him it may dry overnight. When the next morning comes, I decide he has to know--because it is driving him crazy-- So, I find the perfect time to tell him--while I am nursing his precious, little, baby girl. :) I calmly tell him, not sure what his response is going to be--because this is our first "honey, I messed up big time," incident. He stares at me intently listening to what I have to say--and then he looks puzzled. It is quiet for a minute, and all you can hear is the baby sucking--which must remind my husband of something very familiar--and he says what I have been dreading him to say--

"You mean, I sucked your pee out of my phone?!" I timidly affirm his suspicions--and he does not yell, he does not even make an angry face at me--he half-smiles and tries his best to see the humor in the situation- and that's when I realize--

I have chosen the right man to raise my kids with--and if we can get through a little phone pee, we can get through anything.

I have friends to this day, that swear that if it had been them, they would have filed for divorce--or at least puked--Thank goodness I have a man with a strong stomach and an even stronger heart....

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