Tuesday, June 16, 2009

10 reasons I am/look CrAzY (and why it's okay)

1. My son has found it necessary to take 3 pacifiers with him wherever he goes--one in his mouth, one in each hand. (training him for college ;))

2. My son also thinks its necessary to wear a life jacket, while mommy runs errands. (practicing safety first)

3. My daughter loves to wear 20 barrettes of different sorts, clamping her hair in different directions, or just clamping on objects to her hair (short pieces of ribbon, dead dandelions, etc) (creativity)

4. My daughter introduces her parents to everyone she sees as soon as she sees them... "hi, my name is Alexis, this is my mom, Sarah and this is my dad, Kyle. (making friends/communication)

5. My daughter told a group of strangers that her mom likes to put leaves in her panties.... ?? (imagination)

6. Both children frequently put their shoes on the wrong feet, and I don't stop them. (independence)

7. I refuse to give up my cute shoes, even though I could easily break my neck once a day chasing after my son. (because they are cute)

8. I push my sunglasses on my head, and let it be my summer hairdo. (one less thing to do)

9. I wear sundresses frequently, even though both kids or the wind will manage to put me in a blush-worthy predicament. (I always catch it just in time)

10. I have my hands full of kids--and more babies always sound like a lovely idea-- (I have enough sanity remaining, to reason myself out of this one for now.)

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