Saturday, June 20, 2009


My dear Alexis loves to talk to God. She talks to him like she is talking to a parent or a friend. I think this is wonderful, because it is how I want her to pray. I have never really taught her a memorized prayer to say at bedtime or at meals. I encourage her to use her own words to thank, ask for blessing, or express concern to God. I think this is because I am a firm believer in saying what you mean, and not saying just because it is expected of you.

There is one little problem, if you could call it that, with these from the heart prayers--My daughter LOVES to talk and hear herself talk. So, her bedtime and meal prayers can sometimes get pretty lengthy. I enjoy every moment of them mostly--unless I have let myself feel rushed from the day to day stresses in life. I almost always smile, or hide a chuckle at some of the things she prays--and I almost always peek at her little brother, while she is praying. (I know God will forgive me for this, because he knows moms need an eye on their children at all times.)

Jaxen, the sweet brother, tries very hard to participate willingly during Alexis' talks with God. He squeezes his eyes shut as tight as he can, he haphazardly folds his hands together, and he balances his butt on his folded up legs. He does not usually have a lot of things to say at prayer time--and when he gets impatient--he sneaks food when he thinks noone is looking.

It was one evening, at dinnertime, when Jaxen was trying his best to get through a lengthy prayer, while his dinner was staring him in the face. He listened for Alexis' words to slow, and come to a halt--but, there were only short pauses in her prayer. Jaxen not wanting to eat before the prayer had ended, listened for those pauses--and at each pause, he quickly butted in with an eager, "Amen."

He had learned that a simple word, was the key that unlocked the feeding frenzy. Alexis being annoyed by his impatience prayed louder and longer--and Jaxen never missing a beat continued to say, "Amen," at every hesitation in her words.

This time mommy could not hide a chuckle, but began to laugh out loud--because it was FUNNY--and I know God loves to hear us laugh! My beautiful gift from God, my 2 children, were doing exactly as I wanted them to do---Alexis was praying in her own words, and Jaxen was being respectful and as patient as he possibly could be---or as anyone possibly could be!

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