Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Do you ever find yourself balancing between young and old--not sure where you are going to fall--but, just hoping you land there gracefully. I find myself teetering on this very edge quite often--knowing I should not be shopping in the juniors section, but still proud that I can fit into the clothes in the junior section.

I am not saying I buy sweats with, "juicy" written on my behind--or too-tight shirts that say, "for a good time..." Because, let's face it--I have had my good time--at least 2 times :).But, I can save money shopping in the teeny-bopper section, and I love to save money almost as much as I do spending it!

However, I have noticed as of late, that my shorts, skirts and dresses are getting longer, they are not looking like the "mom-shorts' yet--but, how long do I have before they do? I admit I get a little nervous as I sit at the park watching my kids play and noticing all the other mothers in "mom-clothes." I am wearing a cute sundress and sandals--while everyone else seems to be wearing baggy t-shirts and capris with some old tennies. Am I the crazy one? Or, am I 2 childhood events away from being them?

I am fighting the mom-look, but I know it's a losing battle- so I will fight with my head held high by working out more and letting my hair grow long for probably the last time-- and I will surrender to a few small battles--taking a spin around the (gasp) women's section, and I will pull out a couple of t-shirts that have been retired to my, "pajama pile."

This mom---somewhere in-between mom-jeans and "juicy" pants!

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