Tuesday, July 7, 2009

New Home

We have recently purchased a home in a small suburb of Des Moines--and are very happy with our choice, and very tired from the move--which is why I haven't written in a while.

As we have come to know our neighbors, we realize we fit in with this neighborhood beautifully and we can see our children growing up here- We have met almost all of our nearby neighbors, and have been warm welcomed by all. They BBQ together, keep an eye on each others dogs, they even build fences together. The point is--it is a very small town feel, where everyone knows everyone, but close to the amenities that I can't seem to live without--STARBUCKS, TARGET and the MALL.

Our kids have already become very friendly with the neighborhood kids, and Jaxen has been dubbed, "Action Jackson," --who would've guessed right? Alexis has memorized the address, and tells everyone she meets--so I keep waiting for the hyvee checker to come knocking on my door with something I have forgotten in my scramble to grocery shop with 2 kids!

I am excited to be content in our home, in our neighborhood, with the schools, with the people- Now, on to the "messy" stuff like painting rooms and finishing basements ;)

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