Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Sir Robin the Brave

A couple of weeks ago, we visited some friends who live in the country. The boy, who is a little older than Alexis, had an endless supply of nature at his fingertips. He had an aquarium full of freshly caught frogs, a flowing river in his backyard, cats chasing mice--the whole 9 yards. I could tell it was fun for my 2 kids, as I hauled them into the back of the dirt-covered Audi, with their muddy little hands and barefeet, and their insect bites welting up as they tried to keep their eyes opened.

But, my kids kept talking about the fun they had and those dang chubby frogs! They put them in the pool with them, they put them in the sandbox with them and they tried to put them at the dinner table with them. "I wish I had a frog..I wish I could go see thief frogs again..."

So, it was very exciting for Alexis and Jaxen when we found our very own little frog in the backyard of or new home. It was the smallest frog I had ever seen--I was half expecting it still to have a tadpole tail...

I got out the Mason Jar, and placed the little hopper inside. The kids named him Sir Robin the Brave, or for short, "ruvy." I told the kids to be gentle, and to keep the jar upright so that he couldn't hop out--

They played for what seemed like hours with this frog--feeding it, and taking care of it. They thought he needed oreos and homemade focaccia bread--but then again what do city frogs eat, anyway?

Well, next thing you know, the little frog isn't being as active and Alexis is concerned because he is not coming out from under the oreo--so I take the jar, and tell the kids to go find Sir Robin the Brave a friend--

It was evident that Sir Robin was no longer with us and I was not going to be the bearer of such tragic news--so I handed the jar to daddy. He disposed of the froggy--and when asked--said that the froggy had gotten out of the jar. And, he had- with a little help. Crisis averted.

Luckily, we have not found any other frogs yet, and if we do, I hope they are healthy, fat frogs that like oreos, focaccia and little hands!

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