Monday, October 26, 2009

Before I was a Mom

I have seen many of these little, "stories," in the 4+ years that I have been a mom-- and they always have statements that ring true--but, as I was gutting a pie pumpkin this morning, I started to think of all the things that have changed with me--since I have become a mom.

Before I was a mom I wouldn't blink twice to spend $200 on a pair of jeans I wanted, but the mom I am now, prides myself on shopping for great deals, and rarely spending more than $20 on a pair of jeans for me, yet spending $200 for children's "activities."

Before I was a mom I never thought to make a pumpkin pie, and now that I am a mom--I never think about not making the pumpkin filling from scratch.

Before I was a mom, I knew who I was, but not what I was capable of.

Before I was a mom, I wanted to change the world by teaching our youth, now my own youth teach me--and I am changing their world simply by loving them.

Before I was a mom, I wanted to see the world- but now that I am a mom, I am satisfied seeing the world thru the eyes of my children.

Before I was a mom, I never fixed lunch and then forgot to eat it.

Before I was a mom, I had no idea what being selfless was.

Before I was a mom, I didn't NEED coffee.

Before I was a mom, I could sleep thru anything, and now I will wake with intuition or at the slightest hiccup.

Before I was a mom, I had my life all planned out, and now my plans are altered for what's best for my children.

Before I was a mom, I flinched at scary movies- now nothing scares me--because I have/had a toddler.

Before I was a mom, I found time to lay around- and do nothing.

Before I was a mom,  I decorated my house in Americana, now I decorate my house in "kid".

Before I was a mom, snotty noses made me gag--

Before I was a mom, my heart never stopped beating in that brief instant when you turn around and your child isn't where you thought they were.

Before I was a mother, I drove fast, and lived life to the fullest--now I play it safe--not because of my future-but, because of theirs.

Before I was a mother, I dreamed of my future-- now I see my future every single day.

Before I was a mother, I never worried about what was "in" any pre-made food--now, I try to from-scratch everything.

Before I was a mother, I didn't feel the desire to document every memory, every picture- (scrapbooking)

Before I was a mother, I could clean the house and it would stay clean for longer than an hour.

However, some things never change--
I still love to shop, I still love high heels- (I actually, had a mother stop me once, wondering how I managed to hold on to a toddler and carry a baby seat, all in heels)
I will still see the world, after we see DisneyWorld.
I still have trouble sharing my Moose Tracks-- even with my kids :).
I still act silly- but sometimes those times include giggling in bed with all 4 members in our family--
I still go out for girls night, enjoy a glass of wine, and a date night.

My kids have changed me- and I like who I have become because of them.  Although, they may not see the change- I hope that they will listen and believe me--as I tell them how different I was before-

For the many mothers out there, take a quick glance at how life was before kids--and tell me what has been the biggest change for you since you became a mother/grandmother/aunt?

Friday, October 23, 2009

Roll Over Beethoven

I watch a sweet little infant, during the days--while I stay home with my kids.  I enjoy watching him, because he is such a great little baby!  I started watching him when he was 6 weeks old, and he is now about 3 months old.  Before I began watching him, I knew that since he would be spending so much time with me, that he was bound to do a, "first," with me--and I wasn't sure how I was going to handle this when it came time.

Then last week, something happened--and I knew it hadn't happened at home yet.  He rolled over!  So exciting, but I just had this feeling that it wasn't meant for me.  Afterall, I had watched my 2 babies learn to do new things--this was for his mom.  So, I acted as if I didn't see anything--and waited hopefully that he would repeat it for his own mommy.  A day went by, and the weekend went by...and nothing.

So, this week--he rolled for me again--and I thought okay, I will just video it.  So, I got out my little camera, which I always happen to have nearby, layed him on his belly and hit record.  Within seconds he rolled over.  I thought that I should showcase his new talent in a fun way, as to ease the bittersweet news.

Both mom and dad were both excited about the news and even more excited to watch the video.  But, I still felt a little guilty for having their moment.  Is this crazy?  Should I have never even told them?  Please comment and let me know your opinion on this--because there will be more, "firsts."

Please take a moment and celebrate with this great little family, and watch him Roll Over --

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Once upon a time there was a young girl who believed that the, "New Kids on the Block," were the best band ever--and no one could ever have been better--and noone would ever be better.  Her dad tried to convince her that this was not true, and there were  much bigger music artists in the world.

As this little girl grew up, her beloved band stopped being a band--and became less and less well-known.  There are generations who have never even heard of this band.  Ironically, this little girl became a fan of her father's bands--and would know the lyrics to their songs by heart--but, always held a special place in her heart for her first loved band.

More time passed, and this once little girl--had her own little girl.  She loved her more than words could ever express-- and saw the fire in her eye that her mother had.  She knew from the beginning her daughter would be a strong girl, a resilient young lady and a courageous woman one day.  The mother saw it in her strong cry, her way with words,  and her desire for knowledge.

The time came sooner than the mother had expected--as her daughter was only 4--and the moment was just as unexpected.  As the mother stood at the stove, cooking eggs and sausage on a Tuesday morning, the daughter came to her mother to state her opinion.  "Hannah Montana is a Rockstar--she is the best rockstar ever....noone will ever be as good of a rockstar as Hannah Montana."

Her mother stood in silence, trying not to laugh as she saw her own sweet daughter show the same characteristics she showed at such an early age.  Of course her daughter was probably wrong, just like the mother was wrong so many years ago-  Would anyone remember Hannah Montana in 10 years-- probably about as many people that remember NKOTB.  But, it was not a point worth arguing.

What was important was that she saw her daughter being able to stand up for what she believed in, ...even when no one agreed.  Standing up for a teen-band/singer is not life-changing by any means, but the idea of her feeling that she can state her opinions, and have them heard and respected means everything to someone learning to find their voice.

So, as my dad entertained the idea that NKOTB would be a world-known band, and even playing their music for me on weekend mornings-- I will equally entertain the idea that Hannah Montana is the BEST ROCKSTAR-- not because I believe it, but because I respect my daughter and her opinions. If playing Hannah Montana in our house will help me show my daughter that it is good to stand up for herself, give it all she's got,  never give up and in short be a Rockstar of sorts--then..."It's the best of both worlds, chill out, take it slow--then you rock out the show."

PS.  For the record, my father's band-- is The Beatles-- who even have their one ROCK BAND after all these years---so I think he was right.  There I said it-- :)

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Puppy Love

Okay, I am sorry-- I haven't blogged in quite a few days--and I have a cute, little excuse--an excuse that licks and snuggles--and sometimes pees on my floor.

Yes, we got the kids their first puppy!! *pause for aww's*

We didn't really plan on this step in our life--like most of our other decisions in life ;).  But, here we are, and if it turns out like the rest of our unplanned surprises--it will be a huge blessing, and make our family that much happier.

So, here's the story of how Riley joined our family:

Last weekend we went to Cedar Rapids to visit some great friends, who were celebrating the addition of new babies.  We brought gifts, held, and kissed on the first baby--and then, on the way to the second baby-- Kyle looked at me, and said, "okay, we can have a baby, or we can get a dog."  This was not a joke.  He was serious.  I had to laugh, at the simplicity of his comment, as if having a baby and getting a dog required the same steps, responsibilities or commitment.

Had we planned on having a third baby--yes and no.  The idea excited us, but the reality of what a new baby brought to our family of 4, made us nervous.  Afterall, we have not planned either baby to this point--we had never sat down and said--Okay, let's have a baby.  So, this was new to us.  We talked about it for a little bit- going back and forth.  And, when I say go back and forth-- I mean I went back and forth and Kyle listened.  See, I have discovered I am equally left and right brained, thus creating a constant battle within myself of logic vs. emotion.  How did I discover this, you wonder?  A completely accurate and highly recommended Facebook quiz! (hehe)

So, we came to the conclusion--that a new baby may or may not be for us-- but, we don't believe our family is ready at this time.  I would like to have a year home with just Jaxen, when Alexis goes to school next year.  I think Jaxen and I both deserve a year together, without the interruption of the dominant child :).

We also realized that we did not agree or could not even compromise on the breed of a dog.  I wanted a big dog, that would scare the crap out of a possible intruder--and Kyle wanted a small, yippy dog.  Okay, he didn't say yippy--but everyone knows little dogs are yippy.  Great Dane vs. Yorkie--   Kyle was adamant about not having a Dane, Mastiff, Pitbull, Boxer, etc.  And, I was adamant about not having a little dog.  We were not meeting on any common ground.  Oh well, no puppy for us.

So, we saw the babies, while Grandma and Papaw spoiled their only 2 grandchildren,  (Hmmm...maybe, if our kids had cousins--I wouldn't need to have another baby).  We headed home, putting the baby and dog idea out of our heads.  

Sunday arrived, and I googled Pet Shelters in the area.  I came across a couple, and I also saw that it was Adopt-a-Shelter-animal-month.  So, we decided to take the kids to a shelter, and just take a look.  We would see what they were drawn to, and teach them a lesson in responsibility by showing them what happens to animal when their owners don't take care of them.

What we didn't plan on--was falling in love with a sweet little puppy.  She was cute and wrinkly, and clumsy....and she was also most likely,  part Pittbull.  (One of the dogs, Kyle or I didn't want).   The kids walked her, she kissed the kids--and Kyle.  It was love at first sight.  Kyle forgot all about his anti-big dog statements and anti-pitt statements.  And,-he actually fell in love with 3 dogs, all PITTS ;)--and the kids would have been happy with any or all of the animals.

So, we went for ice cream.  We were going to have a family talk--but, we all knew, deep down that there was a puppy with Hamer written all over it.  So, we went back--and adopted our first puppy.  We followed up with an expensive trip to PetSmart, where the dog formerly known as Caramel, got her first pink collar and leash.

It took hours to decide on name that night-- Jaxen wanted to call her Buzz Lightyear or Boy, I wanted to call her Xoe.  Finally, Kyle came up with Riley--and it just seemed to fit.  Although, Alexis does think that her name is actually Riley Cyrus ;).  LOL

So anyway,  I have been busy potty training a puppy, reminding Jaxen to be gentle, along with all of my other motherly duties-- I can't say I haven't thought for a second, that maybe we weren't ready for a puppy, because I have. It is that whole equal right and left brain thing.  But, then I see my kids snuggle with the puppy, or Riley get excited to see her boy--and I know that we were ready.

As for the baby thing--it could still be a possibility.  We will wait and see I suppose...but, for now, my hands are full!

So, please help me welcome RILEY to our family!!