Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Once upon a time there was a young girl who believed that the, "New Kids on the Block," were the best band ever--and no one could ever have been better--and noone would ever be better.  Her dad tried to convince her that this was not true, and there were  much bigger music artists in the world.

As this little girl grew up, her beloved band stopped being a band--and became less and less well-known.  There are generations who have never even heard of this band.  Ironically, this little girl became a fan of her father's bands--and would know the lyrics to their songs by heart--but, always held a special place in her heart for her first loved band.

More time passed, and this once little girl--had her own little girl.  She loved her more than words could ever express-- and saw the fire in her eye that her mother had.  She knew from the beginning her daughter would be a strong girl, a resilient young lady and a courageous woman one day.  The mother saw it in her strong cry, her way with words,  and her desire for knowledge.

The time came sooner than the mother had expected--as her daughter was only 4--and the moment was just as unexpected.  As the mother stood at the stove, cooking eggs and sausage on a Tuesday morning, the daughter came to her mother to state her opinion.  "Hannah Montana is a Rockstar--she is the best rockstar ever....noone will ever be as good of a rockstar as Hannah Montana."

Her mother stood in silence, trying not to laugh as she saw her own sweet daughter show the same characteristics she showed at such an early age.  Of course her daughter was probably wrong, just like the mother was wrong so many years ago-  Would anyone remember Hannah Montana in 10 years-- probably about as many people that remember NKOTB.  But, it was not a point worth arguing.

What was important was that she saw her daughter being able to stand up for what she believed in, ...even when no one agreed.  Standing up for a teen-band/singer is not life-changing by any means, but the idea of her feeling that she can state her opinions, and have them heard and respected means everything to someone learning to find their voice.

So, as my dad entertained the idea that NKOTB would be a world-known band, and even playing their music for me on weekend mornings-- I will equally entertain the idea that Hannah Montana is the BEST ROCKSTAR-- not because I believe it, but because I respect my daughter and her opinions. If playing Hannah Montana in our house will help me show my daughter that it is good to stand up for herself, give it all she's got,  never give up and in short be a Rockstar of sorts--then..."It's the best of both worlds, chill out, take it slow--then you rock out the show."

PS.  For the record, my father's band-- is The Beatles-- who even have their one ROCK BAND after all these years---so I think he was right.  There I said it-- :)

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