Thursday, June 18, 2009

Boys will be Buzz

Boys are different--it's true. I can handle girl things, and even the boyish things girls can get into--* bugs, a little dirt, sports But, what I was not at all prepared for was such a BOY!

My son challenges me in the best ways though--He loves superheroes, wrestling, climbing, AND stunning people (buzz lightyear style) I say stun because we don't allow the words shoot, kill, gun, and so forth. Stunning consists of him crouching down, putting his right arm straight out with a fist, and holding it up with his left arm, aiming at the soon-to-be-stunned. He stuns everyone, especially if he is not particularly happy with what you are doing...His family knows what he is doing, and will even stun him back or pretend to be stunned. It's the strangers he stuns that may get me into a bind one day. Stunning other people's kids in shopping carts in target isn't doing much for my, "good-mommy look." Luckily, most people have no idea what he is doing--and I am hoping that they are assuming the best when they see him make these curious movements and sometimes sounds.

As we rode our bikes today, I wonder what the drivers passing by were thinking as my son stunned each car--Were they thinking, "aw...what a cute lil guy..." or were they thinking, "my word, look at what that mother is teaching her son!" In any case, I didn't care for much longer than 2 seconds--I was just grateful my son was not jumping into traffic-frogger style, throwing rocks and sand in the pool, pinching his sister, climbing up something-anything he can find and jumping off, or running around naked. I could breathe a sigh of relief.....because he was just stunning strangers---

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