Monday, June 8, 2009

Treat Yourself as you Treat your Children

I am not one to take precautionary steps for my health, or well-being. I rarely wear sunscreen, and if I do I only spray it on my shoulders--and I rarely look at the ingredients on things I choose to eat or drink (wine and lattes are healthy, right?). I stay up late, skip doctors appointments, and drive fast when I am alone. I live life thinking that I am indestructible, that I can handle anything that life throws my way, without any help....afterall, I am a MOM.

This theory of mine was severely tested 2 days ago, after taking the kids to the park and splashpad. They played, and I tried to read a little. But, who really reads at the park, while trying to keep one eye on one kid and the other eye on the other kid---? The gnats were horrible, and driving me crazy--so I convinced A & J to run to the nearest store to buy some insect repellent. I bought the "Family" bottle, meaning family friendly, not family-sized. We headed back to the park, and the kids ran to play and mommy sprayed herself with the insect-repellent. I did not spray the kids for 2 reasons: a: they are running too fast for the gnats to bother them b: who knows what's in this stuff anyway? The spray did little to keep the gnats away--so we left soon after.

The day goes on: we play, we eat, we bathe, we read...and we go to bed. About 1:00 am I started itching uncontrollably....and everywhere! I itched between my toes all the way up to my chin. I got so tired of scratching, I decided to get up, licked my lips, which felt really dry only to think..."that felt funny." I got to the bathroom, looked in the mirror to see lips Angelina Jolie would be envious of. I knew immediately, that it was the insect repellant. Hives, more itching, swelling of my hands, and 1 box of Benadryl later, I think I got it out of my system---swearing to NEVER allow any similar chemical to touch my kids... Had I just taken care of myself, the way I take care of them...there would have been no problem.

It was only after this "episode" that I realized I am not indestructible...I do need to take care of myself the way I take care of my that I can be there for them. All you moms need to remember how important we are in the equation of our children!

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