Sunday, June 21, 2009

Brotherly Love

Alexis loves her baby brother. She may not show it all of the time, but she has a deep love for him that never wavers. She tries to look out for him, she plays endlessly with him, she lets him pretend-rescue her, and she shares with him. What I love most about her relationship with him, is that she is always thinking of him. When we leave to go somewhere, she thinks to pack her little-bitty purse with a pull up and a couple of wipes and a buzz lightyear, "just-in-case." :)

Although, she can become frustrated with him--when he mimics her words or actions, or doesn't give her the center stage like she wants--she always seems to remember her love for him, when he falls fast asleep.

When he is asleep, is when she likes to snuggle with him, hold his hand, put her arm around him and kiss his forehead. I am not certain she is not trying to wake him up, so she can play with him--only to be annoyed with him within minutes--but, for now I will assume the best.

About a week ago, Jaxen was snoozing away, when Alexis decided to whisper to me, "one day I am going to marry Jaxen, because I love him so much." I tried to explain that I am glad she loves him, but she cannot marry her brother--that's the rule. ;). Well, she did not like this at all--it seemed as if her heart literally broke. With a sad face, she sat beside her sleeping brother, when I heard her whisper, "I am sorry Jaxen, mommy says I can't marry you--but, you will always be the one I love."

As I watched this miniature drama unfold, I thought about her limited understanding on society, and her unlimited love for her baby brother. If we as a society could show as much love as a child shows--would we be a better place, or would we all be married to our siblings?

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