Friday, February 6, 2009

Cookies and Honey

Our kids have not always been great about going to bed on their own--and I will take full responsibility for their inability to do so. I love to be close to them, snuggle in with them, breathe in their baby scent-- I also know that these days will pass me very quickly, and I will look back wishing I could hold them close.

With much persistence, my husband and I were able to wean them off of mommy, and get them to not only sleep by themselves, but fall asleep by themselves. I know for many of you, this sounds like it would be the easiest thing in the world to do--but, that was not the case for us. We have gotten into a good bedtime routine--and we always expect there to be a little giggling or talking after lights are out. We even accept the fact that sometimes there will be pitter-patter of little feet tip-toeing down the hall to get a drink from the bathroom. There is no action that can not be squelched by a booming, "Get in Bed." from daddy...or so, we thought.

Last night, we put the kids to bed--we heard some giggling, we heard some chatter--we even heard a few pitter-patters. After the usual time we allow for these types of things--my husband went upstairs to check on the kids. When he went upstairs, he did not see them in bed, or in the hall--or anywhere for that matter. He then heard them coming back up the back-stairs. Alexis was dressed in dress-up clothes and they both started running towards their bed--dad close behind.

It was then, that daddy saw what they had been sneaking down the stairs for---foraging. They had brought all of the cookies, that were baked earlier in the night-- upstairs into their bed, along with a jar of honey. The cookies were not in a container of any sort, they had been cooling on a rack--so, the 2 kids had to bring the cookies up by the handfuls...which meant they had gone up and done a couple of times at least.

Daddy was very frustrated with their sneakiness. I on the other hand, was trying not to laugh. Yes, I was frustrated--but, not so much that I couldn't see the humor in the situation. I think that is why God gives us 2 parents--because we each are able to see the humor in different situations--and with any luck, one of us will be able to keep a level head, and laughing heart ;).

Today, I am thankful for a partner in parenting--because I know that is not the norm in this day and age-- I am thankful to have someone to help me see the light at the end of the tunnel, be grateful for today's stress, and to show me the hidden humor--and most importantly, to laugh right along side me. Thank you, Kyle.

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