Friday, June 4, 2010

The Black Hole of Technology

So, in this day and age we can stay connected to our friends and family and a simple click of our phone.  We can call, text, twitter or facebook them.  We can write on their virtual wall, to tell them we are thinking of them, when we don't have the time to call or see them in person.

Although, this convenience is nice- it comes at a cost.  The cost varies on how much you rely on "virtual" interactions versus "in-person" interactions.  I personally love the idea of being able to text a friend during nap time when I am trying to be quiet- or facebooking someone who sleeps different hours that I do... but, when those virtual interactions take over the real interactions you could be having with those around you--it stops being a good thing, and becomes a hindrance.

I am guilty of overloading on virtual connections, as much as the next girl.  I have gotten caught up in Family Feud :), and I have even started this blog to give some insight to our family life.  I love having facebook and email access on my phone- and at times, only connect via phone.

Today, this is exactly what became a big, "whoopsie," for me.... I was laying the kids down for a nap, and thought I would catch up on some reading.  I got distracted, and checked my fb via phone.  I remembered that  a friend I went to elementary school, was being induced to have a baby, I thought I would quickly write something on her wall.  (all via my fb page on my phone)

Well, my phone has the handy dandy little feature, that fills in words for you after a couple letters...It used to be called t9 on older phones--not sure what the name of the feature is now...maybe, auto-predict or something.

Anyways, I wanted to type: "Thinking about you, wondering if baby girl is here yet."
However--as I read what I wrote, posted on her wall-- I quickly realized my phone filled in the wrong word...and it said...on her wall...for everyone to read...
"Thinking about you, wondering if baby Hitler is here yet."

Yep.  I called her baby, Hitler in front of the entire FB world.  Well, the phone is nice for some facebook features, and not others.  One that does not work via phone, is DELETE.  Oh, no.  I raced to my nearest computer--and pulled up delete and rewrite this message correctly.  I literally, ran down the stairs, to eliminate this awful message.  I also sent her a message letting her know, what happened, in case she got notifications in her email account....whew.

One thoughtful remark, turned into a horrible a matter of seconds....because of technology, and our "need" for it.  Too often, we forget that in having this vast amount of technology, that we are also giving up little pieces of ourselves.  Our time, our attention, our privacy, our sanity...

Don't get me wrong, I am not one to point fingers with this double-sided sword we created, or call anyone out on this black hole we have jumped into....but, since it is the internet...and the kids are all asleep--I will get on my soapbox.... and.... laugh at myself. 

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Deb said...

It is a good thing I haven't found that on my phone....but one of my updates on FB last week everyone thought I had a boyfriend not a best friend because of the abbreviation. So back to typing the whole word! Just thought you should know..