Thursday, June 2, 2011


Did I ever tell you I have sweet kids-- don't get me wrong, they are not perfect- they can be ornery at times (sometimes it feels like 99% of the time) - but, deep down they are really good-hearted, sweet, loving children.

We, unlike some parents, haven't made our children go to church and learn the 10 commandments- or the story of the Good Samaritan.  We have been known to say "inappropriate"  words in front of them, and we have allowed other people around them that have not been good for them.

But- that is sometimes part of life- we live and learn together, as a family. 

However, the one thing we have been really good at in this little family of ours is LOVE. We love each other all of the time, we take time to hug, we take time to snuggle, we go on "dates," we create together, we play together, we learn together.  We love when the storms of life rage in, and we love when the sailing is smooth--  We love when we're tired, and we love when we're hurting- we love. 

Love is the most important thing in raising a family- and though, it's hard to show that love all of the time- when other aspects of your life are not "perfect," -- it still is vital.  Seems easy enough right?  You don't need a college education, or to sign your kids up for 100 activities and lessons.  You don't need to send them to a private school for Harvard-bound children-  as long as you take the time to show your child that you love them. 

I would do anything for my kids- anything- I would change my whole world, to make it a better place for them.  I have.  I stopped pursuing a career to be with them, I've taken people out of my life that I knew were not good for them.  And, I do not regret any of those things even the slightest bit.

Because, when all is said and done- I won't say that I did it perfectly- but, I will say I gave it my all. 

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