Saturday, April 24, 2010

We're back Home

I am back home, in Des Moines now...with one less car, but more clothes and shoes than we left with, thanks to Grandma  :).

Jaxen's bag did not make it out of the burning car--so, we had to do some shopping on Friday, and of course we can't just shop for Jaxen :).

Grandma played with the kids while I searched for cars online for parts of the day, and then we went to a tasty Fish fry on Friday night.  The kids LOVED the fish--and I have never seen them eat so much!  I think they both must be going thru a big growth spurt.

I just wanted to thank all of you who checked on us during this crazy little incident.  I am always amazed at the kindness and love from our family and friends.  Some neighbors came to check on us, after we got back today-- and Aunt Bekah stayed to hang out for a little while, which was nice for everyone.

Kyle and I will continue searching for a car--I don't want to rush into something, just for the sake of getting something.  But, hopefully we will find something that is "right" for us, sooner than later, since we had a trip to Minneapolis planned for this coming weekend.

I rest easy (okay, with hesitation because I like to be in control) in knowing that everything happens in God's perfect timing. Afterall, it was in his timing that the car started acting up enough for me to pull over- it was in his timing that I was able to get the kids out of the car, it was in his perfect timing that the stranger from Texas stopped to help me, it was in his perfect timing that my mom was available and ready to come to rescue us from the interstate--and it will be in his timing that we find a car.

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