Thursday, January 8, 2009


Alexis has always loved music--and she tends to be attracted to upbeat, hip-hop type of music. For those of you who were around before she could talk--(did she ever not talk?) you will remember her bouncing to the naughty ringer on mommy's phone--"My Humps." It was all in good fun then--knowing full and well she was only being influenced by the beat, not the words.

Her love of music grew, as she was introduced to more and more genres and songs. She began to really listen to the words, and pick up on entire lyrics to songs. We had to be careful now, to what music we surrounded her with. We could not have our daughter, asking questions about humps, or lumps or any other dirty thing--because, what would we say?? Half of the adults in this country couldn't tell you what the average hip-hop song means ;). (proof of this: I looked up the lyrics to the song by Missy Elliot, "Work It," and she literally has made-up words in it--)

Even as we tried to protect her innocent ears and mind--Christmas time brought, "All I Want for Christmas is You," and boy did she love that song. It was with that song that brought, Alexis' new singing voice. Now, when she sings, she doesn't pronounce her words like normal--instead she slurs the end of the word like a rock-star might. Secretly, this drives me crazy--I need correct pronunciation in my world. Anyone who knows me well, will vouch for me on this one--and will probably have a story about what word I corrected them on, and how I went on and on about why it is pronounced in that way---

After, Alexis and Jaxen went to bed--Mommy and Daddy had time for an adult movie (not the dirty kind) Kyle reluctantly agreed to HouseBunny. It was a cute movie, with catchy songs--one of which must have seeped up the stairs, into Alexis' bedroom and into the portion of her brain that stores songs and music. Because, sure enough-the next day she was singing, Katharine McPhee's, "I Know What Boys Like."

Luckily, that was the only line of the song she knew--but, puzzled by how she can add songs to her music vocabulary, apparently by osmosis--I asked her--, "Alexis, what do boys like?"

With her sweet, smarter beyond her years, blue eyes--she looked up at me--and without even a second of a pause, stated, "Dinosaurs."

Boys like dinosaurs--why on Earth would I think they would like any other thing? So, all along in my 28 years of trying to figure out boys, guys, husbands--my 3 year old had the answer. Dinosaurs. They like big, toothy, monsters that stomp, fly, eat, fight and roar. Makes perfect sense, doesn't it?

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