Monday, August 31, 2009

Sweet Non-existant Sleep

My DH and I have been going to bed at vastly different times lately- either I go to bed earlier or he does--but we are never on the same schedule. If I go to bed at the same time as him, and am not ready for bed yet--I lay awake thinking of all that needs to be done, and getting extremely annoyed by his snoring.

It is this difference in sleeping schedules that I have noticed that, "heading to bed," means 2 totally different things for me (the mom) than it does for him (the dad.)

When the dad heads to bed, there are very few steps before getting to the snoring part. They shut off the tv/computer, sometimes turn out the lights, do the whole bathroom routine, and then climb into bed, close their eyes...zzzzzz

For the mom, when she decides to go to bed, the list of things on her checklist are much longer--and time-consuming. She wipes down the counters, loads the last few dishes, starts the dishwasher, picks up toys as she's headed up the stairs, puts those away, sees her sweet children asleep--kisses them and tucks them in extra tight, throws a load of laundry in, goes back downstairs to make sure the garage door got shut, and the front door got locked. Then she heads back upstairs, turning off lights as she goes, to do her bathroom routine--and sees a cluttered sink. Does a quick tidy-up of the sink, while brushing her teeth, takes off her makeup- and sees clothes that she has been meaning to hang up. Hangs up the clothes, and then crawls into a bed with a snoring husband --and it is only then that she realizes the coffee she so desperately needed at 4:00, has finally kicked in. Since, she can't sleep, she tries to read a book, and finally as her eyes get droopy and she begins to drift of to sleep--only to be waken up half an hour later to her child squeezing into bed. With a hand to the face, and a twist and a turn, the child is finally comfortable, and mom can try to get some sleep again--
5 minutes later it is time to wake up :)....

This is the life of a mom- What a wonderful, blessed job-- and all mothers find out very quickly- that SLEEP is for the WEAK ;)

Moms - get some sleep!!
Dads- Stop SNORING

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