Monday, September 21, 2009

My son, Buzz

I have my very own superhero, living in my house--sure, he isn't even 2 feet tall--but he will come to my rescue at the slightest elevation in my voice. He looks a lot like my son, but his voice is deeper, he has a button that expands his green wings, and he calls himself Buzz Lightyear. He flies through my house, only transforming back into my son, when it is time to eat.

I have used this superhero alter-ego to my advantage. I find myself saying, "well, Buzz Lightyear goes potty like a big boy....and Buzz Lightyear would eat all of his veggies..."

It is fun to see my sweet little boy, so into a character- that he won't even change out of his Buzz Lightyear pajamas. I am literally going to have to peel them off of him. Luckily, we live in a neighborhood where this type of behavior is accepted and entertained. So, I don't have to worry as he runs out the front door--still clad in his pajamas for the second day in a row--

I just yell after him, "Where are you going, bud?" and he hollers back to me, in that deep Buzz voice of his, "To infin-it-y and be-yond!" And, without a moment of hesitation--I say back to him, "okay, as long as you stay in the yard, Buzz."

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