Monday, September 28, 2009

Wine Tasting Party

This past weekend, my dh and I were able to host a wine-tasting party.  We had never been to one of these, or hosted one, but we were very excited.  We invited, cooked/baked, dusted, and were ready to entertain.

We had every guest or couple bring a bottle of wine wrapped up, so no one could see what kind of wine it was.  The table was set with tons of h'ourderves, and we began, "tasting".   The types of appetizers we had available were chocolate truffles, several different types of cheese and crackers, quiche, warm crab and shrimp dip, stuffed mushrooms, veggie and Hawaiian bread dip, etc) We numbered the bottles as they came in the door--so everyone would know exactly what number they were drinking.  We had a mix of reds and whites.

 Since, the guests were a mixed group, some knowing little about wine and some knowing more--we decided that the score sheets would be however they could remember which bottle was the best for them.  It was simply numbered 1-10, and they were allowed to write whatever they thought would help them make a decision at the end.   Although, we only judged 10 wines, we drank 21 bottles or so of wine.  The bottles ranged from $8-$60 a bottle.

We talked, laughed, and just enjoyed ourselves, while tasting the wines when each one of us was ready.  It was not long before we had rosy cheeks and noses!! The boys kind of went their own way, and the girls theirs.  At the end, it was mainly the women who voted on the best wine. 

The winner of our wine contest was a wine by a local winery,  Jasper Winery.  It is part of their Winemaker's Series, and is called Bed Head Red.   They describe it as A fun and easily drinkable sweet red wine, Bed Head Red has spicy aromas and deep fruit flavors of black cherry and wild berry, with a hint of vanilla, for $10.  

It is pictured on the left hand side, with the bright blue top.

The winner received handmade truffles and wine glass charms.  If you are a fan of wine, you should consider having a small get-together for a wine-tasting party.  If not, at least pick up a bottle of Bed Head Red, and try a glass or two!  

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