Monday, May 10, 2010

Advice from the Childless

It never seizes to amaze me when I hear a story about a Parent getting advice on "How to raise a child" from someone who has NO children. 

News Flash

If you have no children it's like being on the Bench at a Football you can yell and scream all you want to at the players but know this....YOUR NOT IN THE GAME. Sit down and SHUT UP!

Oh what's that? Your learning by what I'm doing wrong on how to raise your children when you have them.

STOP IT!! I'm busting a gut laughing over here. You are in for the ride of your life when you finally decide to bring your likeness into the world.


When you want that parenting advice from me or others who have been there and you make comments like "You don't know how to be a parent because you shouldn't let your child mix Playdoh, because it will turn grey and no one wants to play with Grey Playdoh."

Oh and "Because you let your child up early from "Time Out". When you say 5 minutes and let them out in 4 that's bad parenting." 

That for every Birthday and Christmas present I give your children they will receive 8 jars of Playdoh and I'm going to mix it before I wrap it! Because that's what bad Parents DO!!

Okay, I had to repost this, because I like so many other parents get so tired of people who think they know how to raise/discipline/rear/train/teach (whatever they are calling it) children--and have NONE.  I don't care if you've worked in a daycare for 20 years, I don't care if you've actually graduated from school and became a teacher--IT IS NOT THE SAME!!  
Don't get me wrong--I was one of those teachers--and I know lots of daycare/preschool workers-- I know those are tough jobs, and there is a lot of hands-on learning for the adult in those cases.  None of them make enough money, in my opinion.  BUT--I've done it all, and I am here to tell you, NOTHING you do or read--will stack up to becoming a PARENT yourself.  

So please, spare us your dirty looks, and snide remarks--because we WILL laugh at your struggles later on in life, when you do choose to have kids.  I'm just saying.

To be perfectly honest with you, I am lucky to not have too many of these "people" in my life.  For the most part, my family and friends accept and support my parenting--

A friend of mine, jokingly, has it all figured out--when she says "Why would we mess up our perfect parenting streak, by having our own children."  Or something like that...thanks Katie! 

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