Sunday, May 16, 2010

Lovin' Life

Here we are--at a very FUN stage in our kids lives.  We enjoyed them at babies, and sometimes long for those days back, when their coos and smiles were new...but we are SO ready for this stage.  We took the kids to the Farmer's Market yesterday- where theyenjoyed themselves almost as much as we did.  Then we played a little catch in the yard--and then we took them fishing!

Yes, it's crazy- Fishing wouldn't be my first choice of things to do.  But, when it comes out our kids, I want them to try everything-- to have a taste of everything- to experience life at it's fullest.  So, I took my PINK fishing pole (that my sweet husband bought for me), and NEVER fished with it.  :) I was too busy working wtih the kids and their Transformer and Tinker Bell poles.  Sure they got bored, after awhile--and started to play with our dog.  Sure, Jaxen wouldn't touch the worm....And, they were never quiet enough to really be "real" fishermen--but, I enjoyed every moment of this experience.

I told Alexis at one point--that we were trying to catch our lunch--and in the olden days that is what we would have had to do to eat.  She was a little nervous--til I reminded her that I packed us a picnic.  :)

We took a break and cooked hot dogs and brats at the park- where the kids found several little caterpillars.  Again, I was in awe as they watched this little guy inch around the table.  They were amazed by his movements and his legs.  I love watching them discover the world.  I love being a part of their discovery. 

These are amazing days for all of us!  We are enjoying each and every single one!  I wake up in the morning--and I think how wonderful our lives are.  I think of how sweet, and fun our family is....and I am happy all over.  I might not catch up on laundry....ever.  I might not ever have clean floors.  I might not ever be fully rested.  But, who cares about that, when there is a world to discover with our babies.  :)

PS.  My husband is the one who gives me the strength to be the mom I want to be.  Not only does he work hard so I can be home, he buys me pink fishing poles so I feel special along with the kids, he puts the worm on the hook so my kids won't see that it disgusts me, he lets me sleep in on the weekends and always has a latte waiting for me, he comes downstairs to help with the dishes after he has gone to bed.  He shows me he loves me and that I am important and makes me feel like the love of his life--all while being a great dad.  I am a lucky, lucky girl.

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