Friday, December 19, 2008

Joy to the World--means to THE WORLD, not just OUR world

I make many mistakes as a mother--but, there are traits that I really try to emphasize with Alexis and Jaxen that will hopefully make them, loving individuals that will change this world for the better.

One of these traits, is a giving spirit. Each year, I have helped Alexis go through her toys and clothes and give them to someone in need, at Christmas time. We don't take them to goodwill, we find a family that is in need and Alexis takes part in the "gifting." This giving spirit of hers is developing and changing all the time. Last year, she did not want to give away her toys at first--but then after she did, and she realized that someone "thankful" was getting them--she was ready to give everything she had away....including her little brother. Her exact words were, "Mommy, I want to give Jaxen away, to someone who doesn't have a brother." Because, if you didn't have a brother, you must be in need of one ;).

This year, she is not trying to give away Jaxen--but, is excited to give things away that she doesn't need and even purchased a gift to give to a special child her age. She is truly in the giving spirit, that Christmas is all about. I am grateful that God has given me a daughter with a soft and loving heart. I know Jaxen, will be just as giving and thoughtful as he gets older. And, I fully expect him to want to give away his sister at one point in his little life...

So this Christmas--with the economy in a recession--it is important to realize that there are many without. Without presents under the tree, without food on the table, without a home, without friends and family, without hope, without love, without Jesus.

Sure, it is human, to begin a list of what you "could use," or what you are doing, "without." But, is it really that much, when you think of all that is missing from the lives around us? These thoughts have really hit me hard this year. My friends and family have all asked me, "what do you need, what do you want...for Christmas?" Sure, if I thought about it long enough, I could come up w/ a list of things that would make life more pleasurable for awhile--but I don't NEED anything. What I want most this year, is for someone to CARE about me, enough to ask me what would make my Christmas, merry and bright.

And...I HAVE that..I have friends and family who care--and would NEVER in 100 years allow me to go without-- without presents under the tree, without food on the table, without a home, without hope, without love, without Jesus. And, even more importantly, I have friends and family that would NEVER let my 2 beautiful babies, go without.

I cannot for the life of me, comprehend a life, where one did not have friends and family like this in their life. But, I am indeed a lucky girl--to have people who love me--

So, this Christmas, remember your friends and family, of course. But let us also remember those who are truly going without. You may not have a lot of money, but you do have a lot to give. You have things you don't use any longer, you have food in your cupboards, you have love to give, and you have a Story to Share.

Keep Christ in Christmas this year--and Give from the Heart--and make a Difference this Christmas to someone who is without.

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