Friday, December 5, 2008

Thrifty--to be or not to be?

In the spirit of being thrifty, this holiday season--I decided to take our own Christmas Portraits.  I thought, that my almost 2 year old son, would cooperate better at home, in a familar environment.  Afterall, he wouldn't have a strange teenager trying to get him to laugh or smile while swinging a BIG, BLACK, flashing device around him.  

Boy, was I wrong!!  I think if I could choose 100 careers I would want to dabble in, a children's photographer wouldn't even come close to getting in.  

I have to mention, that Alexis, 3, is a ham in front of the camera.  I think most of my time is spent trying to get her NOT to ham it up TOO much.  Please, dont tilt your head THAT much, please don't make a ballerina pose, etc.  But, overall, she has really got the whole, "smile," thing down.  It only took 3 years :).

With Jaxen, the most irritating part, is that he has the CUTEST smile ever--with dimples and everything (seriously, ask anyone--)  But, could his own mother get him to sit still long enough to smile--nope.  Not in 1 of the 200 pictures I took.  Thank goodness for digital cameras.  

In my desperation, I convinced him to say "mommy," because the sound of the "ee" at the end formed a half of a smile.  I was frustrated enough, to take 1/4 of a smile at this point in the photo shoot.  

Camera is ready. 
Jaxen say, "mommy." 
Look at the picture.
1/2 a smile. YES!!
Eyes Shut!

Are you kidding me??
This was how I spent a good hour and half of my evening, so that when Kyle got home for our "family photo shoot"--I was more than a tad grouchy.

The family shoot did not go any better-no smiles, moving, eyes shut, dress up, snotty nose, drool--( I told Kyle to quit drooling) you name it. 

It was 8 o'clock and time to get the kids ready for bed--thank goodness!!  I handed the camera to Kyle and asked him to fix it.  I don't care what it takes, he can photoshop a whole new family in for all I care--:)

So, next Christmas, I may still enjoy being thrifty---but NOT when it comes to photography!


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