Friday, December 5, 2008

Why its been decided that I should start Blogging

So, I was Christmas shopping, and bought this cute talking doll, called, "Little Mommy."  When she began to coo and talk to me, she said, "start a blog..."  I thought I was just hearing things, but then I turned on the news.  This doll was all over the news--upset parents, swearing up and down that this cute doll was saying something to them too!  

Unlike my doll, these dolls were saying, "Islam is the light".  I was shocked!  Should I take the doll I bought my daughter back to Target??  Well at the very worst when she played with the doll, she would beg me to start a blog--just like millions of kids in the US will be BEGGING their parents to skip Disney World this year, and please take them to the Middle East.  I could see the problem--I took the doll back to target the next day!!

On a more serious note, I have been encouraged by the few that love me to start a blog--they think it will be therapeutic, relaxing, and "good for me."  I do not doubt their love for me, but--it seems like a lot of time and effort when a simple pill can do the same job for me?  Zoloft, anyone?

In this blog, I will share the stories of my desperate attempt to find myself in the 2 minutes I have before the kids find me!!!

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