Saturday, December 6, 2008

Potty Training

Jaxen is potty training--

With Alexis, this was a fairly simple process-because she hid when she had to go potty--under the kitchen table to be specific.  So, we'd whisk her to the potty--and there you have it--

Jaxen on the other hand, is very good at multi-tasking.  He can take a "load" off, so-to-speak, doing absolutely ANYthing...he can be playing, and singing and you could never even tell he was also doing the, "deed."  Unless, for some reason you caught sight of his watery eyes, that is.  

However, if you do happen to see those watery eyes--and ask, "Jaxen do you have to poop?" --you can always tell if he does by his answer.  If he non-chalantly says, "no."  Then he means it, he doesn't have to.  But, if he yells, "NOOO," and puts his hand up at you--then he is in the process of, "it."   

This is rather humorous, because he will not bother hiding, and will even sit himself right in the middle of the room--like he's proud of his, "creation." but doesn't want you throwing off his groove, by asking him, "if he has to poop."   

My secret pleasure is to ask him--when I know its time--because I LOVE his response...and then if I say, "Let's go to the potty,"--he gets even more riled up.  You can imagine how crazy he gets when I pull down his pants and sit him on that cold toilet seat-- talk about throwing off his groove!

I can honestly say on more than 1 occassion I have scared the "poop" back into him :), by placing him on the potty. 

If I do miss the eyes watering, and he does make FULL use of his diaper--it never fails--that he wants to snuggle afterwards-- I know he is trying to show off his essence--but, it is this that makes me want him potty trained even more!!

eek--someone's eyes are watering--

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