Friday, March 19, 2010

Another lesson in Mommyhood

As a mother, I have learned not to have the following lying around the house: Markers, Stickers, Liquid Soap.  Noone ever told me this rule, I have just learned by experience--horrible, messy experience ;).

At first, I wanted to be the "fun" mom--I wanted my kids to have all these creative utensils at their disposal.  But, now-- I stick to crayons, pencils and paper-- and even some of those are put out of reach.  Yes, I tried the magic markers that only color on special paper-- along w/ the same paintbrushes, crayons, and paints.  They are very gunky and dry out quickly...and we have gone thru many sets.   But, let's face it--they just aren't the same.

A few months ago, I gave in and purchased small whiteboards and dry erase markers for learning time with the kids.  As a "retired," teacher, I knew the convenience and learning benefits for reading and writing with whiteboard activities.  So, the teacher in me, overrode the mom in me--

This worked out okay for awile, and then I realized my son was trying to experiment with the markers.  So, up on the top of the refrigerator they went--far out of reach of any little hands.  Or, so I thought.  Our son got bigger and more daring.  And, one day as I was getting ready for the day, he made his way to the top of the refrigerator (who would have thought bar-height chairs was a bad idea?). 

I came down to a son covered in dry erase marker as well as a carpet full of red, green and black lines.  I guess he didn't bother to get the blue marker.  I freaked out a little-- okay, maybe a lot.  But, as a mother I have learned never to attempt to remove a stain without first doing a little research, because you could just make it worse.

So, I quickly googled dry-erase marker on carpet and what do you know?  Other mothers with the same kind of  "accident."  I learned that rubbing alcohol would take it out with lots and lots of blotting.  So, I grabbed my bottle of rubbing alcohol and away I went.  As I blotted for an eternity, I ran out of rubbing alchohol and frantically texted neighbors for their rubbing alcohol.  Thankfully, my good neighbor Wendy, had a bottle.

So, 2 bottles of rubbing alcohol and a house smelling like a hospital later- the stains were completely out of my light tan carpet.  I opened up the windows to air out the heavy alcohol smell, and thought better of starting up the fireplace to counteract all the cold air coming in.  That could have made the situation MUCH worse!  Now onto the boy--

I asked him why he drew all over himself, and he explained to me matter-of-factly, that he was a "transformer."   Of course, how could I have not known?  Actually as I looked at him-- he did look a little like Optimus Prime.  Thankfully, it just took a little soap and water to get most of the marker off of him!
See, with a girl-- I didn't have this problem.  She didn't like to climb on things, especially not on the refrigerator.  She didn't try to look like a transformer-- Boys can be challenging in their own little ornery but cute way!

Don't get me wrong, I know girls are challenging in their own way--with a fashion diva as a daughter (not to mention her mouthy mother...wait, did I say that?)... I am very aware of their challenging behaviors.

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