Sunday, March 14, 2010

Did you ever know that mothers have superpowers?  I know I have convinced my kids of this, but I didn't fully believe it myself until I thought about it today...

As a mother, you immediately know your child's cry- you can pick your child's cry out of 100 babies cries, I suppose.  I know this is immediate, because when we had Alexis, the nurses took her to the nursery under the strict orders not to give her any formula or pacifiers.  So, she came back from the nursery often-- as did other babies.

But, as we sat in our room, and Alexis was being wheeled down the long corridor, I knew EVERY single time when it was her--because I could hear her identifiable cry.  Kyle and I would look at each other and just know-- that our Alexis Faith would be there within a minute or so. 

This ability continues as the child grows--and I can still pick out my kids' cries over other kids--but with that I am also able to note the kind of cry it is...a pretend-we're-playing-house-cry, an I-stubbed-by-toe-or-other-insignificant-incident-cry, a my-sibling-is-being-mean-to-me-cry, the I-am-scared-cry, the I-am-tired-cry and the I-am-REALLY-hurt-cry. 

I am not tooting my own horn, because I am pretty sure every mother has this superpower, if you will. 
I am gratefull that most of my children's cries fall in the first 5 kinds of cries.  But, there are those moments-like today that you hear that I-am-REALLY-hurt-cry, and no matter where you are, how far away you are, what you are wearing or doing, you stop instantly and go to the side of your child.  See, it is much like a superpower. 

Today, I was getting out of the shower, just wrapped the towel around myself-when I heard our daughter yell in pain.  I think I leapt to her side at the bottom of the stairs, as her dad did from a different direction.  She had fallen from the middle of the stairs, and landed straight on her back, knocking the wind out of her.  Was she okay, for the most part- yes, thankfully.  But, it was a nice reminder to the superpowers God has given us as parents, to take care of our children to the best of our ability.  

I will hear her when she cries, I will be able to kiss away her tears, I will be able to make everything better- Not because I googled it, or because I researched it in a book (this is what I do for everything else in life, however)...but because I am a mother. 

Mothers are modern-day Superheroes.  I dare anyone to prove me wrong ;)

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