Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Monster Spray

Our 4 year old daughter, has been struggling with sleeping at night.  She seems to think there are monsters in her room--although, she can't describe what these monsters are--she just knows she does not like to be in the dark with them.
(note: this guy kinda creeps me out--I think I know where she gets her fear of monsters from ;)

After many sleepless nights as the mom, I thought we could solve the problem, with some "Monster Spray."  You can buy at Bath and Body Works, it smells like fruit or flowers and when sprayed it wards of Monsters.  ;) ;)

I explained the Monster Spray to my daughter--rather vaguely- because I didn't want us to be stuck with this spray for years.  She thought the idea of it was amazing-- I sprayed the normal monster hiding spots-- under the bed, behind the door, in the closet, etc.  Then I handed her the spray.  I told her that if she saw or heard something, that all she had to do was spray the Monster Spray in the general direction.  And, because my kids were never satisfied with simply asking why--but only satisfied after they dug much, much deeper--The rest of the conversation went like this:

"So, what happens to the monster then...?"
"It disappers?"
"So, where does its wax go?" (I am thoroughly puzzled by this)
"What wax?"
"The pile of wax he turns into." (Oh, of course--why didn't I think of this)
"Oh, no honey--there won't be wax, he will evaporate into the air."
"Oh, he'll disolve?"

Okay, problem solved- kisses given, blankets tucked--and I am walk out the door, only making it down 3 steps when I hear a frantic cry from our daughter.

"MOOOOMMM" (grrr...I thought we solved this with a miracle, magical monster solution)
"yes, honey..."
"I acidentally sprayed myself w/ the Monster Spray!!! Am I going to EVAPORATE??!?!"

I sigh, because with Alexis, nothing is ever plain and easy-- she overthinks EVERYTHING-- so, most of the time I am left wondering if I am doing more harm than good.

"No, honey-- you will not evaporate- it ONLY works on monsters." (a conclusion, not as obvious as one might think--although, there have been times both of my children have acted like monsters--hmmm...maybe it will work on them....)

Crisis averted, and everyone in the house got a good night's sleep.
Unfortunately, this magical solution did not last very long--before she realized the silliness of it :/.  Oh well, I guess I should feel blessed she is so smart--but it sure makes things challenging!

So, if any of you have any ideas on how to rid a 4 year olds bedroom of monsters-- let me know, because our sleep is depending on it! 

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Debbie Glickman said...

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