Thursday, March 18, 2010

May the Force be with You

I am not a fan of Star Wars, by any means--or was that Star Trek ;).  Anyway, this quote came to mind, as I was thinking today that mothers must have some sort of magnetic force within us.  Which sounds amazing, right?

I realized that I had this magnetic power ther other day as I slid my hand ever so slightly, towards my daughter's hand -- and, her hand automatically, without thinking about it,  slid towards mine. 

This happens with both of my children... no matter what we are doing or where we are.  We can be walking, snuggling, sitting at a table or playing.  All I have to do, is simply and slightly move my hand in their direction--and it's like a force within me, that is so strong, sucks their hands to mine--and doesn't let go. 

This also can happen in a full-body kind of way when we see each other after a "pause," from one another.  This pause could be a mommy-only shopping trip, a mommy and daddy date night, a night of sleep, a nap, or a trip to the bathroom.  When their little bodies see me--my magnetic force, pulls them to me and into a hug.  This is usually accompanied by a sqeal of, "Mommeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!"

You would think, by reading this that this is the most wonderful gift a mother could ask for-- but, it has it's faults.  For instance, my magnetic force somehow loses its strength when we are outdoors at a fun place (park, pool, etc).  It also seems to lose its strength when their are friends around, or when it it time to clean up. 

The strength is also hightened at other times...For instance, the magnetic force is at an all-time high, when Mommy is on the phone, with company, in the shower, or going potty herself.  At these times, it does not matter where, when or how fast I go, or where I try to hide--the magnetic force will pull the kids to me-- IT NEVER FAILS.  Actually, this anomaly is what inspired the name for my blog.  Finding Myself Before the Kids Find Me....I just didn't mention that the kids would find me by magnetic force.

So, yes, I am thankful for my Mommy Magnetism, because there is nothing sweeter than holding your child's tiny little hand in yours. I am also thankful for my brief just mommy-moments (because let's be honest,  showering becomes a little more difficult, with a kid hanging onto your leg) 

Although, It would be nice to figure out how to reverse my polarity--so I could have the best of both worlds--anyone figure that out?

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